• EMN Annual Conference 2014

    EMN Annual Conference 2014

    The European Migration Network Conference 2014 on Irregular migration and return: challenges and practices was organised by the National Contact Point for Greece, within the framework of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU Council.

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  • National Conference of the GR EMN NCP 2013

    Photos from the 2nd National Conference of the Hellenic Contact Point of the European Migration Network which was held on December 20, 2013 at Hotel Titania, Athens. The subject of the Conference was "Immigration Flows and Reception Centers".

  • Conference of the GR EMN NCP 2012

    Photos from the 1st GR EMN NCP National Conference which was held on Friday, 14th December 2012, at Titania Hotel, Athens. The aim of the Conference was to provide all the necessity information on the implementation of EU Stockholm Program, the outputs of EMN, as well as the EMN in EU level and the Work Programme for 2013.

Welcome to the GR EMN NCP

Wellcome to the Homepage of the GR EMN NCP of European Migration Network of the European Union 

europeThe European Migration Network was established in 2003, initially as preparatory action of the European Commission, having as its main goal to provide the European Commission as well as the member states, with objective reliable and updated data on immigration and asylum issues. 

With the decision 2008/381/EC, the European Migration Network gets a legal basis in EU level. In this framework Greece participates in the Network actively. The grounds for the establishment of the European Migration Network is to cover the information needs of the Community institutional bodies and the  institutional bodies and authorities of the member states as well, in the area of  migration and asylum, in order to support European Union to map policy in these sectors.

The Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform is the Greek National Contact Point in the European Migration Network (art 5, Dec 2008/381/EC). The main role of the GR EMN NCP is to carry out the main tasks of the EMN, as described, each time, in its annual programs.