GR ΕΜΝ NCP National Network

The GR EMN NCP National Network has established a National Network composed from a wide range of agencies and organizations acting in the area of migration and asylum. The members of the National Network actively participate in and they are constantly updated for the activities of GR EMN NCP, as well for the activities of the EMN in general. 

The Hellenic Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, as the official Hellenic Contact Point in the EMN, in 2015, undertook the initiative to re-activate the national contact point of the GR EMN NCP. In the first level the network is composed from representatives of the administrative bodies that form and/or implement migration and asylum policy, in Greece. Secondarily, the network is extended to include bodies, other than the above mentioned, (universities, research organizations, NGO’s etc.), that act at different levels (research, implementation of programs, support provision, etc.).

Currently, the members of the National Network of GR EMN NCP are representatives of the following bodies: