EMN Study on Impact of visa liberalisation on countries of destination

Published: Monday, 15 April 2019

Visa liberalisation strengthens the ties between the EU and nationals of third countries

The European Migration Network (EMN) has now released a study on the impact of visa liberalisation on countries of destination, including deriving trends in 25 EU countries and Norway, for nationals of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

The benefits of visa liberalization to the EU Schengen area can be reaped, as of 2018, by five countries of the Western Balkans and three of the Eastern Partnership. They are all considered as safe and well-governed countries which are expected to meet a number of criteria as regards the following policy areas: borders, migration and asylum management, security, external relations and fundamental rights.

Below are the key research findings presented in the EMN Study:

· The direct impacts of visa liberalisation are an increase in short-term travel to the countries from visa-free countries to countries of destination and a noticeable reduction in the workload of consulate staff;

  • A significant indirect impact is the facilitated access to the labour market in specific Member States;
  • Visa liberalisation led to an overall increase in the number of asylum applicants from visa-free countries, most of which have received a negative decision;
  • The number of nationals from visa-free countries who exceeded their maximum period of stay allowed after visa liberalization has increased;
  • No specific challenges have been reported by most Member States in the area of illegal employment after visa liberalisation was introduced;
  • No specific challenges were introduced by most Member States in the area of illegal employment following visa liberalization;
  • Little evidence is available of an existing link between between visa liberalisation and the facilitation of irregular migration;
  • An increase in criminal activities has become evident in several Member States following the liberalisation of the visa.


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To read the national report for Greece you can download the text in Greek or English. This is the 2nd EMN study for 2018.

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You can read the full text of the national report for Greece in Greek and in English. This is the 3rd EMN study for 2017.

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